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To our customers,

Thank you for showing an interest in our company. Our mission is to provide our customer base with a solid team of professionals that will serve your needs at a reasonable price. We offer various installations which will enhance your lifestyle. Our name is what we do " Custom Electric Design". We use a combination of products to provide our customers with a finish product that suites your needs and budget. We are licensed electrical contractors. We are qualified to install all your wiring needs. Our installations range from small additions, lighting installations, to large renovations and new homes. Listed below are some of the items we feel sets us apart from our competitors.

Lighting Design

Custom Electric Design will design and install-, lighting layouts which will suite your personal preferences. We will show the difference betweenlvarious recessed lights and how they perform. Our focus will be the main living spaces, Kitchen, Family room. Theatre, and Bedrooms. We will disguise our lights to enhance your paintings, furniture, and cabinetry. You will be given color options, and see the difference in what we call pathways of light to make your life at home comfortable and simple.

Lighting Controls

Our passion for this industry is lighting controls. Lutron is the company that invented the solid state rotary dimmer that all of our families have in the dining room. This concept of adding a dimming feature to enhance mood or comfort has evolved over the past 30 years. Whether it is the entire home or just one room, we offer various methods and products to achieve your desires. Lighting controls are not just convenient, they provide security, extended lamp life, and will save you money by using less energy.

Homeworks Interactive:

This is simply the most comprehensive system in the industry. Full integration of Lighting, Alarm, Stereo, and Pool. All available at the touch of a button on beautiful keypad.

Radio Ra:

I refer to this system as the little brother of Homeworks. The same qualities of dimming comfort with some integration features. {64 Zone Maximum}

Grafik Eye and Spacer:

Single Room dimming systems featuring infra red eye features.

Stereo Key Pad Systems: Stereo systems with keypads to provide music in various rooms can be achieved at a reasonable price. Four choices of music in every room {Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop}. The entire family will enjoy the system.

Structured Wiring :Data and Phone wiring, along with Cable TV and Satellite all networked into a neat managed space. This networking provides flexibility and room for advancements as new products evolve.

General wiring and Service :The most important part of your homes electrical system. We use only quality products and proven methods used for over 40 years. Better standards, better products will provide safe and reliable performance for years to come. Great installations need to be backed by a staff that will stand behind its work and provide service for our customers needs. We will provide maintenance and warrantees for our installations. We install automatic Generators for emergency needs.

Thank You, We appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to doing business together for years to come.                                                                                                            

                                                                                         Dan Mastroianni, President




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